Hello, there!
We are a young mostly Munich-based company that focuses on the production of unique handbags. Château was founded back in 2007 - which isn't that long ago if you think about it, although we feel like our baby has been around for quite a while these days.
Our aim in fashion is to combine great materials with distinct style. All our pieces are handmade and therefore unique. We're incredibly passionate about what we're doing and we tend to think that this kind of love is visible in our products.

Besides our customizable collection we are working on going to production for an industrial, though very exclusive edition of Le Château En Couleur handbags.

Le Château most definitely focuses on accessory design in fashion. Though, we are very happy to work on a lot of various projects in different fields. We like to see ourselves more as a whole, rather than super specific regarding our abilities and interests.
That's why everything we do at Le Château En Couleur, is actually done by us. From A to Z. And back if necessary. If you feel like there's anything we could do for you made from other materials than leather and fabric, let us know. Uh, and we love collaborating on things. Feel free to contact us here, if either sounds good to you.

Well, no need to keep you here and talk on forever. If you'd like, you can take a look here, or contact us. To stay posted on News & Events, click here in order to sign up for our newsletter (Marketing whores that we are, we'd kind of appreciate that, imagine).

Nice meeting ya, anyways. Cheers!

Anyways: Find us on facebook by clicking here.